18 May 2018


It’s late

The tap tap
 Buzz buzz

I’ve said these words before
  Time again

But still

The empty space
  On the right

Weighs heavy
  In abstenia

Your ghost substantial
  Still walks dreams

Not haunted
 Lost by my design

But still

It’s late

And I’m tired

17 May 2018

Little boy blue

Little boy blue,
 Learn to blow your own horn

Don’t be a hoe on sheeps meadow,
 Relying on cows for their corn.

Be strong for yourself
 Earn your own keep

But if you insist on
  Laying with cows

Take care of yourself
  and put aside my keys

And where is this boy that’s so afraid
 Of self and kin?

He’s asleep – having convinced himself
 Aesthetics matter most

Will you wake him? No, not I,
 For when I tried he surely cried.

03 May 2018

3 2 1

I was always told that I was Third.
Behind ineffable,
                                         then me!

But it seems to me
That is a silly way to be.

For if not                                  me!
    there is no we

We being me and you
       who do those things we do
when all will see we—that
    we—are you and                  me!

but us        us is another story

01 May 2018

May Day

Beltane burns
   half from Spring.

The house is quiet now
  the fire died.

Strong proud mother sits silent watching
  One of her embers fading.

Badges on apps untapped
  smouldering ephemera. 

Beltane burns
  half to Summer.

Routine replaces revolution
  flaming the fans.

Heartbreak my companion
  Coal its avatar.

Hope and meaning entwined
  wick trimmed - steady.

30 April 2018

Perchance to...

I won't sleep tonight
I never do
Twisty thoughts
and dangling conversations
The dull blue glow
of unsaid replies

29 April 2018

Oxbow Lake

you're sitting there
   where the river once rushed
faded to pallor

and i'm sitting here
   numb from the trek
will to power

it's just change
  ya know
like smoke and windows

it just moves
  ya know
not like remembered

there and here
  once and now
two again; time for bed

08 December 2015

a night club, or what can happen in 3 seconds

Our eyes just caught,
  I walked away. 
You followed me.  

That moment though,
  I saw it all. 
Our brand new life. 

Odd, uncertain
  I, too eager. 
You are distant. 

We get along,
  Get through it. 
You, happy now. 

The nights spent out,
  The city ours. 
Thinking too much. 

I know better,
  But I press. 
I should back off. 

We both felt it,
  It's perfect. 
It's scary though. 

You walk over,
  I say hi,
It was a dream. 

26 October 2015

In progress

"I suppose that I've settled into a sort of bourgeois nihilism of late. So little seems to matter a great deal and the days slip by uncounted." He shifted in the banquette uncomfortably. We'd now been talking for two hours. The wait staff hated us, four coffees and two hours later. 

"Are you sure you're not just bored again" I asked, adopting aloofness. 

"You'd be so reductive"

"You'd be so melodramatic."

He idly stirred his coffee. My eyes wandered out the window into the always busy streets. 

"I suppose. But it all is intractable, however you choose to label it. We can't actually change anything of worth. That's a sort of boredom I suppose."

I hadn't heard him. I was too fascinated by the large man outside trying to thrust flyers for some local titty bar in the the hands of every passerby. He caught my eye because he seemed so enthusiastic. He wore ill fitting clothes, a smile seemingly the platonic ideal, and an honest swagger. He stood in stark contrast to the man before me. 

07 April 2015

The point

I'm there
Quiet. Still. Listening. 
       void is better
than pretty lies
      told by prettier people
I speak. Certainly. 

09 February 2015

Tick tock

Tonight I miss routine,
And ever her proper bonnet. 

Tonight I miss represent,
So that I'm actually understood. 

Tonight I miss take,
My heart as my own and no longer his. 

Tonight I miss label,
A frown as a smile and walk about my life. 

Tomorrow I miss apply

Tomorrow I miss direct
My friends. 

Tomorrow I miss appropriate
Time well spent. 

Tomorrow I miss match
Socks most likely. 

Tomorrow I miss align
A smirk for a boy. 

Tomorrow I miss speak 
For when anger is sought

But now I must stop
For I am completely wrong.