23 July 2014

Since some of you have been asking...

Some of you might have noticed that I've been traveling a lot recently. It's for highly personal reasons that I don't care to share at large; some of you know why or suspect. Those that don't—I'm fine, I have all my bits and bobbles and everything is working (better) than specifications dictate. I've also managed to go three weeks now without roller skating into any walls, though I make no promises for the rest of this trip. 

I've rediscovered an important aspect about life. It's not about where you go or what you do per se, it's about how you do it. I'm headed to Monaco as I'm writing this. In the past two days I've visited my uncles in Fort Lauderdale, spent a half day in London, meeting new people and visiting old haunts, chunneled to Paris, walking around the city in the dead (that city is never dead!) of night just looking at places and observing the quite frankly beautiful denizens of the city of lights. (Seriously guys do you ever sleep? I thought I was bad!)

In a few minutes I'll jump on a helicopter to fly into Monaco. Why a helicopter? Because almost no one else will. It's not a train or a taxi or bus—it's not the usual route. That's my point and my continuing vow, to approach life, situations, and people in ways that almost no one else will. 

It's not a question of means, it's a willingness to be open to new ideas and new methods when opportunities present themselves. I had no idea about the helicopter option before I heard about it. There was no plan other than my standing plan—like Alice do three impossible things before breakfast...wait that's someone else's plan. I'm sure I have a standing plan around here somewhere. 

Do something new today, if it's only taking a new way home. Call a old friend, make a new one. Smile. Drop your grudges. Your soul will thank you. Who knows, next time I decide to up and just take off (that happens a lot it seems) you might be sitting next to me.